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What is Native Content Marketing?

Native content marketing utilizes native advertising techniques to deliver content recommendations through publisher websites. Native advertisements are special ad units that are designed and delivered so that the ad unit takes on the styling of the publisher website. Native ads should deliver some amount of content or engagement. Native ads should also deliver a relevant user experience and clearly identify the source of the content.

Native content marketing takes advantage of native ad units to deliver content to our network of publisher sites, exchanges and programatic endpoints. Cranberry has developed the Cranberry Gist as its preferred form of content for use in its native marketing platform.

Content Gist by

Are you ready to enjoy paradise on the cheap? Check out these insider tips on how to make Hawaii affordable.

Just because the island of Kauai is an upscale destination, it doesn't mean you can't budget a good time.

Guess what, locals don't normally pay $350 a night for a room or $70 for dinner. And you don't have to either.

True Kauai has many high-end establishments, but by nature it's a laid-back, toes-in-the-sand kind of island. more

Did you see it? Take another look. The ad unit directly above this text is actually a Content Gist of an existing user that was selected at random from our patent-pending Gist Server. Notice how the Content Gist looks like the content which surrounds it. This is what we mean by native. We are delivering a content gist in a style that is native to the site displaying the ad (publisher). For that matter, you should see a "Half Page" native ad unit to the right of this text as well. Cranberry delivers native ad units in multiple standard (IAB) ad unit sizes.

Publishers Love Us

We really think differently about content marketing. Think about every other content marketing experience on the market today. Each is designed to do one thing, drive the user away from the publisher's site. We believe that the existing content recommendation model is broken. We set out to create a different experience for both the publisher and the content consumer. We replace click bait with a content gist. Our content gists provide the reader with enough content that the subsequent click to the full content becomes an informed click. Informed clicks deliver cleaner traffic.

Since our model does not rely on click trickery, we had to come up with a better payment model for our publishers. Publishers within our direct publisher network are paid the higher of negotiated CPM/CPC rates.

Informed Clicks

If you want to "BuzzFeed" images and headlines, then this is not your platform. We try really hard to deliver cleaner traffic through properly informed clicks. This is key to our content marketing strategy that relies on a pre-click customer engagement. The native ad units we deliver are carefully crafted content gists that provide readers with enough of the story to help them make an informed click to the content. Don't get us wrong. We love traffic and seek to deliver a bunch of it to our advertisers. We simply believe that clean traffic, which fufills the promise of the ad and meets customer intent, is more valuable to our advertisers.

Advertisers generally know the cost of the initial click. The true value of new traffic is not the initial click. The subsequent clicks are worth much more to advertisers. Informed clicks deliver this subsequent click value.