The Attention Formula

You still here? Good. Hopefully I can keep you around a bit longer.

There was a certain farmer who really needed a mule to help him plow his fields. After much discussion with his wife, he took their life savings to go purchase the best mule their money could buy. After much searching, he found another farmer who claimed to have the hardest working mule around. This donkey would work himself to exhaustion, but only if he was treated with "tender loving care."

The farmer, excited with his new acquisition, headed straight back to the fields. He hooked the mule to the plow. The mule did not budge. The farmer, remembering the counsel to treat the donkey with "tender loving care" fed the mule a fresh batch of oats. Nothing. He then brushed the mule and whispered sweet nothings into its ears. Still nothing.

Distraught, the farmer went back to the seller and asked for help. The seller came to the fields and assessed the situation. He then grabbed an old fence post, went over to the mule and, whack! He hit the mule broadside with the fence post.

"Wait, I thought you told me to treat the him with tender loving care!" exclaimed the farmer.

"I did, but first you need to get his attention," was the reply.

This is our struggle as digital marketers. We need our customers to pay attention in order to tell them our story.

Attention Economics

Diminishing customer attention span is the bane of online marketing. The problem? Content is increasing at exponential rates while our available time remains a constant. We are producing more content than we can ever consume. Consider the following:

  • We are uploading over 100 hours of video to Youtube every MINUTE.
  • We are uploading over 350 million photos a day to Facebook.
  • We post over 6,000 messages a second to Twitter.

It's no wonder that we have a hard time getting anyone's attention. The supply of content is far greater than our ability to consume.

Attracting Attention

If you want to communicate with your customer, you need to first get their attention. We have so much headed our way that we need all the help that we can get to sift through it to determine what is important.

Here is the big secret of attention economics.

We have plenty of time for the things that matter to us.

The real challenge is finding a way to make our stuff matter to our customers. There have been two huge trends in online marketing that assist with attention acquisition.


Trusted Content Curation

Content Curation is the process of helping customers weed through the piles of content to find the most important bits. Content Curation is powerful because recommendations come from trusted sources and summarize the content into a more digestible amount. The Cranberry Gist meets this critical customer need. Through our Gist platform, we provide the tools needed to help you summarize your news and promote it on trusted outlets.

Connect Through Persona Marketing

Persona Marketing is the process of creating content in a language that connects with your customer. We subscribe to principles taught by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, the established experts in persona marketing and online conversion. Do you know how to reach each of the four macro personas? Our platform will help you become more relevant.

Holding Attention

Want to keep that hard won attention? Then you better be relevant. This involves consistency in all parts of your message. You had better not waste their time. Does your story fulfill the promise made by your headline? Let our editorial team help you.

Ready to get started? You can get free access to our Cranberry Gist platform.