5 Ways to Amplify Your Content Online

Attention content marketers: if you’re spending more time creating content than you are promoting it, then you’ve got content marketing all wrong.

Sure, content marketing begins with creating good content. But guess what? You’re not the only one creating good content out there. As a matter of fact, 5 other people have probably already written about your topic, and they probably did a pretty OK job doing it.

There are 2.73 million blog posts published daily and by 2020 there will be five times more content on the Internet than there is today. Getting your content seen has never been so difficult and there’s certainly no relief in site.

So how can you amplify your message to ensure it gets seen? Try these quick tips:

1) Make Your Content Shareable

In order to “spread” your content online you need to make it shareable. By adding social media buttons in obvious places that your readers can’t miss, you encourage others to share your content with friends and peers. Make it easy for your readers to Tweet, Like, Pin, Stumble or +1 your content directly from the post.

2) Submit the Post to a Content Sharing Site

There’s tons of free ways to share your content with the appropriate audience. Yes, that’s right, free. Upload posts to LinkedIn. Or use a content sharing site like BizSugar, Scoop.it or Medium to get more eyes on your content. Post your message to the places your audience live online.

3) Develop Relationships with Influencers

Find out who the influential people are in your industry and begin developing relationships with them. Show the influencers some love and link to them in a blog post or social media mention. Reach out via email and see if they would be interested in writing a guest blog post. Maybe you can even talk them into being a guest poster on their blog.

4) Post Your Content on Social Media

You can now post content directly to Facebook via Instant Articles. In addition, you can provide mentions to your newly created content via social media posts. To really get the conversation going, join specific groups on LinkedIn and develop conversations around your blog topic with peers, providing a link to your subject matter.

5) Paid Amplification

The unfortunate reality is that both social and search have transformed into a pay-to-play model. Facebook has an organic reach of only 2% and there is currently more content on the Internet than is needed to answer questions. In order to amplify your content so that it stands out from the crowd, you need to put some money behind it. For every $1 spent on content creation, marketers should be spending the same on promotion. A content amplification platform is a great way to get more eyes on your content.


What’s the point of creating great content if no one is going to see it? As the amount of content continues to grow and organic reach becomes harder to obtain, marketers need to ensure that our  content gets amplified. After all, marketing is defined as the action of promoting products or services. If we’re not promoting our content, can we really call ourselves marketers?