Content Amplification the Cranberry Way

At Cranberry, we've taken a fresh approach to content marketing. We're unlike any other content amplification or discovery platform out there. Before I talk about how we're different, lets quickly review the content marketing process:

Create Valuable Content → Amplify Content → Get Discovered → Develop Relationships

And that's content marketing in a nutshell.


We know that content creation is just one piece of your content marketing strategy. Once you create content, you need to promote it to make sure it gets seen by the people who matter so that you can begin to build relationships with them. We help our customers build better relationships through content marketing.

What We Do:

Cranberry is a content amplification and discovery platform. We amplify (promote) your content to the appropriate audience to ensure discovery (it gets seen).

Basically, we promote and market your content online and drive “qualified” traffic back to your website or landing pages. In turn, this “qualified” audience is much more likely to engage with your content (this is how you begin to build relationships with your audience).

How We Do Content Amplification Different:

We don’t rely on banner ads or clickbait to drive traffic. Banner ads are no longer effective (with an average click-through rate of 0.06%) and clickbait headlines tend to see bounce rates ranging from 80-95% (not what you would call “engaged” traffic).

At Cranberry we entice engaged visitors to your landing page by giving them a glimpse into your content. We do this with our proprietary distribution unit called a Content Gist™.

How Content Gists Utilize Persona Marketing:

The Content Gist gives readers a window into your content. It provides the gist or summary of your content. Our editors create 4 brief sentences that summarize your subject matter. Each sentence is written specifically to appeal to different human personalities (competitive, humanistic, methodical and spontaneous). By using persona marketing techniques, we are able to tug at the heartstrings of your audience and entice them to read-on and engage with the content.

Next, we add an image to help draw people in even more and then we amplify that Content Gist on the websites that your audience like to visit to ensure discovery.

How Content Gists Utilize Native Advertising:

We amplify the Content Gist on our publisher websites natively, meaning it takes on the appearance of the publisher website. People are much more likely to trust and engage with native ads, which tend to see far higher click-through rates than traditional advertising units. In addition, because the content has a more “organic” feel, people have a harder time filtering it out like they would a typical ad.

How It All Works:

It all begins when you create a piece of content (blog post, ebook, video, audio, etc.). Content creation is merely the first step. Once you build the content, you need to amplify and promote it if you expect any chance of success or discovery. What’s the point of creating great content if no one is going to see it?

Our editors begin by summarizing your content into four carefully crafted sentences. Next, we select an image that pertains to your subject matter and stands out to your readers. Once we’ve created your “Content Gist,” we determine which publisher sites are best suited for your subject matter. Next, we amplify your message on those websites. The Content Gist appears natively, which encourages engagement.

As you continue to amplify different types of content and more consumers begin to discover that content, you begin to develop relationships with them. If you continue to provide those customers with valuable content, they will continue to follow you and engage with you.

In order for these relationships to form, however, you need to get your content seen. In order to get your content seen you need to amplify and promote it online. Assuming it’s high-quality content, consumers will “promote” your content right back in the form of shares, backlinks and interest. As consumers begin following your brands and you begin to build lasting relationships with them, you gain loyal customers who are more likely to convert once they enter a buying cycle.

At Cranberry we’ve developed an honest way to amplify your content online, ensuring that it is discovered by an engaged audience so that you can continue to build relationships that offer lifetime value.