Content Marketers Need Tools Too

Tools are awesome. I recently bought a 6-foot step ladder and called my buddies over to drink a beer and admire it. My wife wasn’t too impressed, but what’s new.

Tools are great because they make certain jobs a whole lot easier. Lowe’s has thousands of tools to help with home improvement projects. So why can’t marketers have more tools at our disposal? I’m up for anything that will make my life easier.

With that said, we’ve decided to create an entire toolset to help our fellow marketers succeed. Our very first tool, the Persona Calculator is just about ready for launch:

The Challenge

As content marketers our jobs center around the creation of content. We know that our content cannot be effective unless we have an understanding of our audience and what makes them tick. After all, it’s extremely difficult to persuade someone to take a specific action without knowing what motivates them.

That being said, we develop customer personas to gain a better understanding of our customers. Once we know “who” we are talking to, we can determine “how” to communicate with them. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy.

It’s kind of like talking to a bunch of teenagers. You really want to use the right words and phrases to seem “cool,” “hip,” “down,” whatever phrases they’re using these days, but you probably don’t have a clue about which words resonate and which words make you look lame.

Just because you have a better understanding of “who” your customer is, doesn’t mean that you have an understanding of which words or phrases motivate or impact them. The words you choose will affect the way that your audience receives your message, so word choice can be extremely important.

The Solution

We created the Persona Calculator to make your life easier. Just copy and paste your content into our tool and our algorithm will provide keyword recommendations for specific personality types.

You don’t have to guess which words will have the greatest impact, our Persona Calculator will lay it all out for you. It’s like a thesaurus that takes different personality types into consideration.

We’re just putting the finishing touches on our Persona Calculator now and plan to roll out additional tools in the coming months. All tools are free. Just sign up and we’ll email you the link once it’s live.