Cranberry vs The Competition

Cranberry is a unique content amplification platform. We get more eyes on your content, but more importantly, the appropriate “eyes.” Unlike other content amplification and discovery platforms, we aren’t trying to trick readers into clicking on your content. While those other services may be able to get a lot of traffic back to your website via clickbait, it isn’t necessarily the traffic you want.

By tricking readers into clicking on the content, you have a greater likelihood that they will bounce from the website and a lower chance for engagement. This makes it much more difficult to develop trusting and lasting relationships with your audience, which is the ultimate goal of content marketing. 

In addition, this lack of engagement presents a problem with the search engines, specifically Google. As we all know, the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates place a great importance on quality content. Google looks at reduced bounce rates, time-on-site and engagement as quality indicators. It's looking for valuable content that sticks and resonates with its readers. While you may be able to entice someone with a catchy headline, if that person does not actually read the content or engage with it, chances are you will be penalized. Again, you want to serve your audience good and relevant content that they are looking for.

What Makes Cranberry Different

So how does Cranberry differ from the other amplification and discovery platforms out there? While the goal is to get more eyes on your content, Cranberry’s focus is on “qualified” traffic. The goal is to pre-bounce any traffic that may NOT be interested in your content. Why? Because there’s no point in driving traffic back to your website if your readers are going to bounce or have little reason to engage with the content. Remember, Google is looking for quality content that searchers will actually find useful.

We encourage engagement with our unique and proprietary distribution unit, called the Content Gist™. A Content Gist provides the gist or summary of your content. It is 4 brief sentences that speak to specific personality types and provides the synopsis of what you are talking about. Each Gist is also accompanied by an image to encourage click-through. We place this Content Gist on our publisher websites natively, meaning the Content Gist takes on the look and feel of the publisher site, encouraging people to read it.

Offer Readers Transparency

Content Gists provide transparency into your message. The idea is that we’re offering the reader the gist of the story natively on a publisher site. Because the reader has the “gist” of the story, they will do one of two things, either click on it or pass. Anyone that clicks has essentially been pre-bounced. They have enough information in the form of the gist to decide if this piece of content is pertinent and interesting enough to read and learn more. We’re not tricking them with a misleading headline. Instead, we are being very transparent as to what the reader will get if they decide to click on the Content Gist to see the full article.

You can be confident that the reader is less likely to bounce and more likely to engage with your content, because they know what they’re getting into to. We didn’t trick them into visiting the site and we're earning their trust. Eventually, you will be rewarded for this by both Google and your customers. Why? Because you’re being transparent in your messaging and providing interested readers with relevant content. In turn, they are more likely to engage (which Google likes to see) and more likely to trust and follow your brands.

In closing, Cranberry drives better, more qualified traffic to your website. The goal for most marketers today is to reduce bounce rates, increase time on site, encourage engagement and build trusting relationships with customersWe’ve developed the platform to deliver the right traffic back to your website in an honest and transparent way.