Hello, Can I Put My Hands Down Your Pants?

Would you ever walk into a social setting, introduce yourself and put your hands down a strangers pants? Of course not. Content marketing works the same way.

Content marketing is NOT about quick results. If you hope to get your hands down someone’s pants, you’ll need to develop a relationship with them before you can expect any type action.

You’ll need to introduce yourself, strike up some good dialogue, continue to nurture that relationship and prove your value to the other person. Depending on the person and your charm, this can takes days, weeks or months before you are able to move on to 1st base.

“We Just Met, Wanna Hop in Bed?”

Content marketing works the same way. You can’t expect someone to jump in bed with you just because you created a good piece of content. Before the relationship can even develop, you’ll need to nurture it with more valuable content. As the person begins to know you and trust you, they’ll be more open to your advances.

It works something like this: Let’s say you create a piece of content and someone finds that content valuable. They’ll read it and probably move on. It’s the same when you meet someone. You create some good dialogue, the person finds value in conversing with you (i.e., they think you’re entertaining, smart, sweet, etc.) and everyone goes home for the night. However, if the content is good and the conversation is good, you’ll leave an impact on that person.

“Can I Get Your Number?”

Fast forward to next week and you bump into the same person at your favorite social setting. You offer-up some valuable dialogue again and this time they leave you with their phone number. Same with content marketing; you follow-up with some valuable content a week or so later, they remember and like you from the last encounter and now they leave you with their phone number or email address on the call-to-action form.

Nice! You’re finally making some progress. But this is no time to play it cool. You’ll want to follow-up ASAP; so you give the person a call, show them how charming you are and make plans to go see a movie. It’s the same for content marketers; we follow-up with a phone call, sell them on our services and make plans to watch a webinar.

“Can I Put My Hands Down Your Pants Now?”

It’s important that you continue to make a good impression on that first date/webinar. This is your opportunity to finally make a move. This is where you really lay it on thick and pour on the charm. Hopefully, by the end of the date/webinar, you’ll get your opportunity to play kissy face, but just like in real life, you’re not entitled to anything. So you’ll have to continue to play it cool. Some relationships can takes months to develop. It could be a while before you finally get a chance to make your move.

So let’s pretend, you weren’t able to make your move after the movie/webinar. The person is still on the fence about you. That’s OK. It really takes time to develop good, lasting relationships. But you’re making progress. Are you going to give up on this relationship just because you didn’t get what you wanted after a few interactions? Absolutely not! Instead, you continue to nurture the relationship with more good content and entertaining dialogue.

Home Run!

There’ll come a point when it’s pretty clear if the relationship will move forward or not. Just like in the dating world, if you gave it your best effort and the person has no interest in you (or your brands/services/products), then they’ll move on. You can’t force something on anyone. However, more likely than not, if you’ve provided the person with value, enchanted them with your charisma and nurtured the relationship along the way, more likely than not, you’ll get that opportunity to take the relationship to the next level.

It's through relationships that the "Buy" button gets clicked. Sure, you may get lucky and run across a quick one-night stand, but businesses and brands (and even people) receive far more value by developing trusting and lasting relationships. You wouldn’t walk up to someone and put your hands down their pants and the same should be true of your content marketing efforts.