What is Content Marketing?

A Bit About Content

Content creation and distribution are essential components for successful consumer engagement. Brands that create engaging content win business and build brand loyalty. Content is the gravity that attracts consumers to the edge of a conversion process. If your company is not creating content, your consumers will float around the internet until they are pulled in by the gravity of your competitor’s content. Online content takes many forms, including:

Blog Posts $
Press Releases $$
Infographics $$
White Papers $$ to $$$
Webinars (Live and Recorded) $ to $$$
Online Video $$$$

There are certainly other content types including surveys and quizes, but the six listed above dominate the internet either because they are easily created (press releases and blog posts) or easily consumed (online video).

Content Marketing Builds Audience

Content marketing is a discipline that helps you achieve two primary outcomes. Content marketing keeps current customers and followers actively engaged with your brand. Content marketing also plays a significant role in the very outer edges of your engagement funnel. To this end, the job of content marketing platforms and recommendation services like Cranberry is to put new eyeballs on the content that companies or organizations create. Continuing with the analogy above, we push customers into your orbit. It is your responsibility to create the content engagement and strategy that pulls them through your conversion process.

At Cranberry, we have the tools to help you create content and attract the right customer. The last thing you probably need is a funnel clogged with the wrong people. The Cranberry content marketing platform helps you retell your story in a new content format that we call a Content Gist. We then take that Content Gist and create a different kind of ad unit unique to Cranberry. We take this new ad unit and push it out to between 200,000 and 600,000 people. Depending on the quality and relevance of your content, you can expect about a one percent click through rate to your content. We work hard to deliver the most visibility that we can for the budget allocation for each Content Gist (see more about our transparent pricing here).

We know that everyone who sees your Content Gist will not click through to the content. This is by design. The Content Gist was developed to engage your customer within their chosen channels. The Content Gist is designed to earn clicks by providing them with the gist of the content. In many cases, the gist is all that this new generation of content consumers requires. We look for that 1% of people that are truly interested in your content. Those are your best prospects.

How are we different from companies like Taboola and Outbrain?

Cranberry has built an entirely different engagement model and value proposition for both our publishers and our customers. The Taboolas and Outbrains of the world have ad units that are designed to do one thing, drive consumers away from the publisher website.

You have experienced Taboolas of content marketing already. (We use Taboola generically here to collectively represent all networks that use the same model.) With each click, you have little idea what truly lies behind the door. This is partly because they allow something we call “Buzz Feeding” of their images and headlines. The Cranberry Gist is different. It is the gist of the content or a window in the door. Your prospect knows what to expect because they are given this glimpse into the content that lives behind the click.

We Make Your Content Suck Better

Every click through to your content from a Cranberry Gist is an informed click. The user has made the next step decision to engage with your content. The Cranberry Gist literally sucks the right people into your engagement funnel.