Beyond the News Cycle

The "Day After" Problem

In the world of news distribution, we used to talk about 28-day news cycle. That news cycle has shortened considerably in the last several years. The "Day After" problem describes this new reality. Your online news cycle is now less than 24 hours. In the golden decade of online direct-to-consumer (D2C) news distribution (2001-2010), search engine algorithms loved press release and business news content. News content ranked so well in search results that direct-to-consumer news would drive traffic for a considerable period of time.

Those days of organic search engine visibility are essentially gone. Google has made significant changes since 2010 that have eroded news visibility. But it's not all Google's fault. Part of the problem is the saturation of the news stream by a lot of new content. Without news marketing services, the effective life of online news is now too short.

Take a closer look at the three campaigns illustrated below. Note that we chose not to link to the press releases on the wire services. Since all services suffer the same "Day After" problem, its not fair to single out individual wire services to make our case. It should be noted that the cases below describe performance on two different services.

Case Studies

"News Marketing Platform Cranberry Bucks Google and SEO"

This was a press release that we ran to launch our sister service, Cranberry Newswire. We let the newswire run its course and on day two, traffic fell off the cliff. We added two Cranberry Burst packs to this release and achieved a 250% increase in our first generation audience. We are confident that if we had added additional Burst packs, the results would have tracked the first two.

"'Think and Grow Rich' for a New Generation"

This press release was for a book launch. Since this press release reported on an event, we decided to run a shorter news marketing campaign. We increased the audience to this news release by over 350%.

"Harvard Extension Wellness Club Presents 'Mindset of Success' Event Featuring 10 Self-Made Millionaires"

This one was unique. We were up against a tight timeline with only three days before the event to drive traffic to the press release. We waited until we saw a pause in the traffic at the wire service (about 400 page views). We then applied our news marketing services to this news release and tripled its visibility. This was also unique because it illustrates news marketing efforts targeted to a smaller regional audience limited to the Boston area. The client (Harvard) was able to track conversions coming out of this campaign.

We can deliver similar results for your news.

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