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There is a point where we can optimize our expenses for larger contracts. Agencies should first subscribe to the Gist Social service. This will save $30 per campaign. Agencies planning monthly spends over $15,000 or with specific campaign requirements should call us directly at 360-746-6832




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This has never been done before in the world of advertising. We are so proud of the value that we deliver that we have decided to adopt a culture of transparency in everything we do, including our pricing. We operate our business on a 36% margin. Let's see how this breaks down.

$619 - One Gist Campaign

$320 - Paid to Publishers

  • $320 - native ad placements on publisher sites

Because of our network, capacity and publisher relationships we can do with $320 what you could not do for $619 or more.

$299 - Operations / Profit

  • $35 - Distribution Server Operations
  • $52 - Marketing and Partner Expenses
  • $60 - Employee Salaries & Benefits
  • $25 - Operational Overhead
  • $74-$82 - Commissions and Fees
  • $45 - Taxes & Shareholder Profits

So, what do we do with the $299? In a nutshell we run a sustainable business that provides a return to its shareholders. This is where we optimize our expenses for increased shareholder value.

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