What is News Marketing?

Bigger has its advantages.

This is especially true in the world of traditional media coverage. Let's face it, large companies create their own gravity, which attracts media attention and steals media opportunities from smaller businesses. Unfortunately, that means there are a bunch of news stories that go untold every day. There is some good news. A new trend in native placements makes it possible for us to inject your stories into the news stream.

So what is this "News Marketing" anyway?

News Marketing is a term we coined in 2011. News marketing is a content marketing discipline that we use to tell your stories. Our vehicle for telling those stories is news content. Cranberry news marketing makes use of our Gist platform to generate focused news content and creative content marketing strategies that promote and increase news visibility.

Why news?

News rises above all other forms of content in its ability to reach customers and increase online visibility. Consider the following.

  • News builds trust and credibility. Customers trust news that has been properly researched and promoted.
  • News builds news. Create your own gravity to attract reluctant journalists.
  • News is always original. The digital world rewards original content.
  • News updates and informs, free from marketing hype.
  • News can be re-purposed in marketing to build trust.
  • News jump-starts online conversations.

Does it work?

Absolutely. Think about how you got here. Nearly 100% of our traffic comes through the news stories we promote. Chances are pretty good that you ended up here through one of those stories. This means that we placed a story in your path, and it was relevant enough for you to follow the scent to this site. Now you are reading a page about news marketing. Pretty cool, eh?

How does it work?

1. Subscribe to Cranberry's Gist platform
2. Create your news Gist
3. Choose distribution options


Start your news marketing here.