Everywhere You Want to Be

We work with all major news sources.

It's time to get creative. Cranberry works with every news source we have tested it on. We have one requirement; we only promote news stories and news features. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Press Releases - Cranberry has been tested on all major newswire services, including Business Wire, PRWeb, Marketwire and PR Newswire.
  • Blog Posts - We have tested our system with all major blog platforms and content management systems including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, and Blogger. Again, our only restriction is with the content itself. We only promote news-type stories. Have a question about whether we can work with your content? Just ask us.
  • News Videos - We can send traffic to a video news release or any video coverage that your organization received online.
  • News Features - Perhaps you are among the fortunate few that received media coverage. Were you featured in an article that appeared online? We can drive more traffic to that article. You earned the coverage, so promote it. That's the best marketing money you can spend.

There are places we will not go.

Our sole restriction is on content, not the content source. We will not promote landing pages or squeeze pages designed to look like news features. Bottom line, we love our distribution partners. More importantly, we love what we are doing and want to protect the service for everyone. Stories with direct consumer offers or medical claims are two examples of stories that we cannot promote.

Content matters.

Not all content is newsworthy. We work best with stories that have a national or regional reach. For example, we have successfully executed news-marketing campaigns for events in Boston, but we would probably not promote a news story for an event in Small Town, USA We are practical. We want results for our clients. If we do not see an opportunity for successful execution we will let you know up front.

Do you have questions about your content? Ask us.